Unit costs developed using the same standardised approach introduce greater consistency cost comparisons. The methodology is very flexible and has many different applications. Calculations can take account of numerous variations in costs engendered by differences in needs and in procedures.

Cost Calculator

An updated version of the tool will be available at the end of Summer 2017 as a free download to all English local authorities. To express an interest in obtaining it once it is available please contact costcalculator@lboro.ac.uk.

Unit Costs

Unit costs tables developed by the team are sometimes shared as part of research collaborations. Unit costs both for looked after children and for a range of other service areas that have been developed by the CCFR team are included in the annual Unit Cost book compiled by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (http://www.pssru.ac.uk/project-pages/unit-costs/2016/). For more information contact us: costcalculator@lboro.ac.uk.


Members of the team have skills and expertise available to help with your costing project. We can help you understand unit costs and their calculation, including the appropriate incorporation of overheads. For more information without any obligation Contact us.