To calculate costs, you first must ‘Set Calculation Parameters’ including:

  • Time period for calculation (Start and End dates)
  • Unit cost sheet to be used (‘London’, ‘Out of London’, or any customised cost tables you have created)
  • Inflation rate to be applied to unit costs

There is also the option to exclude calculating Process 8, Transition to Leaving Care costs for children with disabilities and/or unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, if such children in your authority do not pass to the leaving care team.

See image of the ‘Set Calculation Parameters’ screen

The Cost Calculator then:

  • Selects the unit costs that are relevant to each child’s characteristics and placement
  • Identifies how often each process occurs for each child
  • Calculates the cost of each placement or part placement during the time period you have specified
  • Aggregates and produces tables of results for any child or group of children you choose

Any of the analyses are available from the Reports Menu. They are produced in Excel and are automatically saved so you can print them or use them for further analysis if you wish.

Detailed cost calculation

You can see a detailed cost calculation for a particular placement by selecting the Individual Child ID and Placement Number report. When you click the OK button the calculations for the particular placement you have chosen are shown. Calculations for the eight social care processes follow one below the other. Listed for each process are:

  • (a) Unit cost of each process element
  • (b) Number of occurrences/days of process
  • Subtotal of each process element = (a) × (b)
  • Process cost = Sum of Subtotals

Finally, Total cost = Sum of eight Process costs

Download an example of the Individual Child ID and Placement Number report