The easy-to-use CCfCS menu system includes a Reports Menu that offers you different summaries and crosstabulations. All reports you produce can be printed and/or saved.

Some reports are produced as Excel pivot tables which allow you to view the data for specific groups of children by selecting variables from a group of lists. You can use the pivot table controls as a set of filters to show just the information you are interested in. You can ‘drill down’ by double clicking a value in the report which produce a separate worksheet showing the specific placement data which contributes to those costs.

A description of each available report follows.


Individual Child ID and Placement Number

This detailed summary report allows you to see the cost calculation for each of the eight social care processes for any placement, by selecting a particular ID and placement number.

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Costs by Needs Group 

This report lists 16 groups representing children with particular combinations of additional support needs. The table shows:

  • Numbers and % of children in each group
  • Total costs over the time period selected by the user
  • Total weeks for which the children were looked after
  • Average cost per week
  • Average weeks per child

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Costs by Age and Need

This report shows total costs over the time period selected by the user for children in each needs group who are also a particular age at the start of the calculation period.

  • Ages can be selected to obtain total costs for a desired age group
  • Analysis for children who have been looked after for a specified number of years can be obtained

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Children Who Have Exited Care and Returned          

This report gives the number of days that children who have experienced readmissions have spent in and out of care within the specified time period. The pivot table produced shows:

  • Number of days in each placement
  • Number of preceding days for which the child was out of care

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Separate Placements

This report displays the placement costs and details for all children or for a selected group. You can choose to view:

  • Separate costs for any of the eight processes
  • Total costs
  • Number of days
  • Number of care plans
  • Number of reviews

either for all children, or for those with the ten highest values on your selected variable.

Once you have clicked the OK button you can select from a choice of:

  • Placement characteristics
  • Child characteristics and needs
  • Outcomes

The report then includes only those children who meet your selection criteria. For these children the report shows the values of your chosen variable for every placement.

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Costs by Provider

This report prepares a table which summarises the costs of placements grouped by placement type, the provider (local authority, agency or family) and the area (whether within the local authority or out of the area).

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Costs by Placements

This report lists the different placement types such as foster care, kinship care, adoption, and so on. The table shows:

  • Total costs over the time period selected by the user
  • Total weeks for which each type of placement was used
  • Average cost per week

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Costs by Provider and Placement Names

This report offers similar choices to the Separate Placements report but the items shown represent totals for the named providers and placements listed.

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What If? Analysis

The What If? facility allows you to see how costs would change if children were placed in a different type of placement rather than the one they were in, assuming that placement dates remained the same.

For example, you could compare total costs if all children in agency foster care placements were placed in local authority foster care provision, or children placed in specific placement types out of the authority were placed within the authority.

You select the placement types to be changed and the type to which you want to change them. This recalculates the costs and you can then view any of the reports you wish. You can easily return to the types in the original data by clicking the ‘Restore All Changes’ button.

See image of the What If? screen